Brand New Potato Digger for Sale

A potato digger spinner, also sometimes called a potato harvester, is a tractor-mounted machine specifically designed to harvest potatoes. It's not exactly a "spinner" in the traditional sense, but it does use rotating components to efficiently dig up and separate potatoes from the soil.

Here's how a potato digger spinner works:

Attachment: The potato digger spinner is attached to the three-point hitch of a tractor using a PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft.
Digging: Rotating wings or tines at the front of the machine dig up the potato plants and surrounding soil.
Separation: As the soil and potatoes move along a conveyor belt or web, the design allows the soil to fall away, while the potatoes are carried upwards.
Spreading (Optional): Some models may have a mechanism that spreads the potatoes on the ground behind the harvester for easier collection.
Benefits of using a potato digger spinner:

Increased Efficiency: Significantly faster harvesting compared to manual methods.
Reduced Labor Costs: Reduces the need for manual labor during harvest.
Minimized Damage: Gentler handling of potatoes compared to manual digging, leading to less bruising and spoilage.
Improved Output: Allows for harvesting larger fields and potentially higher yields.
Things to Consider When Choosing a Potato Digger Spinner: